Best Offline Android Games to Play in 2022

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You get thousands of games for different kinds of gadgets but especially for gaming consoles. One can categorize them into two main groups offline and online. But there are further genres in each one. So, by playing them you can enjoy your leisure time in a better way. 

However, let me tell you that not all of these games are worth trying or playing. That is why you need to read reviews, features, and a few other aspects of any such app before trying it on your device. Because it is a time-consuming process to install each and every one of the apps and give it a try. 

But here I am going to let you know about some of the best offline Android games to play in 2022. There is a huge number of people who are using Android phones and they are convenient to play games as well. So, to make it simple for you to pick the best offline games, I have decided to write this blog.

Best Offline Android Games

Best Offline Android Games in 2022

It is quite an easy thing to install a few apps and pick the ones that you like most rather than testing hundreds of them. All the games that I am going to share with you are quite amazing and entertaining. So, each one of them has unique and appealing features.

Online games are trending due to high-speed internet as well as high-quality games with high-end graphics. That is the reason why most people prefer to play online games rather than offline. However, not all online games are good.

Likewise, not all offline games are the worst. So, if you do a little research, then you can also find some entertaining and appealing games in the offline category as well. But I am sure that it is hard to find the ones that are offering you the best quality features.

However, there are so many sources of information from which you can find some options. So, I have also decided to pick some important and quality offline games for you. So, you can easily pick and install them on your Android mobile phones to play and enjoy on your Android smartphones or tablets.

Dude Theft Wars

If you love to play FPS games then I am 100% sure that you are going to enjoy Dude Theft Wars. It is not a single game rather this is a Sandbox action game where you can find multiple kinds of mini-games. It is further based on an open world where you can move and steal cars.

There are huge cities, buildings, cars, and many more. You can pick or steal these cars and go on long drives. Steal money from people by killing them. Move on streets and collect different kinds of tools including weapons and so on.

This gaming app is designed by Poxel Studios Games. However, the game is offering you optimized graphics so you can play the game conveniently. If you are interested to play more games with high-end graphics then you must stay with them because the list does not end yet.

Mission Berlin

Mission Berlin is an action game that is about a secret mission in pre cold war. There were two main powers at that time USA and USSR. So, this gaming app is offering you an opportunity to become a secret agent of either CIA or KGB.

CIA is a leading intelligence agency in the United States of America. While KGB used to provide intelligence services to USSR. So, you are supposed to be a spy and have completely different kinds of missions or assignments that are being given to you.

The game is based on 3D graphics and you are really going to enjoy it. So, it is one such game that comes up with high-end graphics for those who love such kinds of apps. It is free and there are in-game purchases as well. 

Pako 3

If you love playing racing games, then Pako 3 is the new edition that you are going to enjoy a lot. It is about car chasing while escaping the ones that are also following you. So, the racers who are left behind for a long time will lose the game and you will start the game again.

Police Sim 2022

Simulation games are quite appealing and youth love to play such kinds of apps. So, here is one such gaming app called Police Sim 2022 that is offering high-end graphics with amazing gameplay. Here you are supposed to be a policeman and enforce laws.

There will be different missions that you need to pick and complete. You can have different kinds of tools to make people follow the laws. Moreover, it is a free app that you can enjoy only on Android smartphones or tablets.


It is not possible to install or try so many games on a phone. It will negatively impact the performance of your phone. So, therefore, I have made a list of a few but the Best Offline Android Games that you can play and enjoy on your phone. Do visit again to apkbent for getting access to the best apps and games out in the market.

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